Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's a weird thing you do when you try and blog about your life...

As I sit here, looking around, thinking about my life, trying to figure out what it is I should write about it dawned on me that Blogging isn't so much about sharing your experiences with others, it's about appreciating the experiences you have.

My life isn't all that exciting to be honest, I get up at 6am most days, go to work till 4pm, get home and sit on my computer and play either Heroes of Newerth or Minecraft while listening to music.

I can blog about my opinions on issues or my experiences with certain things that may seem interesting but really it's just about convincing myself I'm writing about things worthy to be read by others.

I can't promise everything I write will be super-fun to read, and I can't promise you'll agree with everything I write but I promise to be honest.  I'll write about what I think I'm qualified or mentally capable of writing, meaning I won't write about things I do not understand or things that require schooling/training to be able to do.

I'm thinking my next subject will be the topic of Marijuana Legalization in Canada and possibly the US, and since Canada is having a Federal Election very soon, this topic is too important not to bring up.

So followers here's my final words:

I'll try and keep this interesting, and I'll try to keep you wanting more but I can't promise you'll love it all, I can only promise I'll only write it, if I love it myself.

Thanks :)


  1. It's what we come for, spill out what -you- think.

    Not the crap we can easily find anywhere else.

    Keep it up ;-)

  2. Marijuana should be legal. I think all drugs should be legal. Its not like people who smoke it are hurting anyone. Its sad to see such a good plant be ridiculed.

  3. That´s the nice thing about a blog: you can reflect on your life and put it to words.

  4. Woo minecraft is awesome :)

  5. Honestly is all we can ask for.

  6. Sounds good, keep up the good work.