Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's a weird thing you do when you try and blog about your life...

As I sit here, looking around, thinking about my life, trying to figure out what it is I should write about it dawned on me that Blogging isn't so much about sharing your experiences with others, it's about appreciating the experiences you have.

My life isn't all that exciting to be honest, I get up at 6am most days, go to work till 4pm, get home and sit on my computer and play either Heroes of Newerth or Minecraft while listening to music.

I can blog about my opinions on issues or my experiences with certain things that may seem interesting but really it's just about convincing myself I'm writing about things worthy to be read by others.

I can't promise everything I write will be super-fun to read, and I can't promise you'll agree with everything I write but I promise to be honest.  I'll write about what I think I'm qualified or mentally capable of writing, meaning I won't write about things I do not understand or things that require schooling/training to be able to do.

I'm thinking my next subject will be the topic of Marijuana Legalization in Canada and possibly the US, and since Canada is having a Federal Election very soon, this topic is too important not to bring up.

So followers here's my final words:

I'll try and keep this interesting, and I'll try to keep you wanting more but I can't promise you'll love it all, I can only promise I'll only write it, if I love it myself.

Thanks :)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Jackass 3D

About to watch Jackass 3D for the umpteenth time.  

Anyone else really like these movies? Anyone else also realize Knoxville (he's technically the star I know) and Margera seem to have a sense of superiority towards the rest of the crew?  It's probably due to Bam being the leader to the CKY crew and Knoxville running the Big Brother crew, either way, they're getting old.

Also, has anyone seen "Steve-O: The Demise and Rise"?
We all knew Steve-O liked to drink and party and such but I had no idea how insane his life was.

If you haven't yet seen that check it out, you can find it on a site that rhymes with ""

(I'll give you a hint, it's "www[dot]icefilms[dot]info" )


Rock on funky brothers, rock on.

Home from work..

So in case any of you are local Ontario'ins I work at an LCBO Warehouse.

I pick up thousands of cases of alcohol a day and put them on to a conveyor belt, over, and over..and over..

So I'm pretty tired when I get home, which is where my Subway and Monster Energy Drink come in.
This has been my dinner for the past few weeks:

I've been living off this.  Anyways, have a good evening everyone, feel free to leave a comment and never be too shy to follow me, I like it.  I like it so much.. :)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Almost had a mild-heart attack.

Changed the URL of my blog slightly, and in a moment of "I forget shit I just did" I went to click on my blog in my Firefox dropdown bar only to get the "blog has been removed" page.

Anyways, I'm thinking of buying a Deadmau5 shirt from his website.  More specifically this one:

Anyone know about the quality of the shirt or the fit?  I'm 5'9" and fairly slim but I have somewhat broad shoulders.  The store I reference as having the shirts with my perfect fit is American Eagle (Small) T-shirts.

Any info would be great.  Thanks and follow me, we can have a Morning Coffee together.

u c?!?

Juno Block Party (City and Colour) Toronto, Ontario

So seeing Dallas Green Thursday was pretty great.

Aside from the fact I couldn’t feel my lower half all night, which becomes a huge concern when you think about it.  The set he played was awesome and sounded great even with it being in below freezing weather.

Highlight of my night has to be getting an obnoxiously drunk fuck-hole kicked out who looked like a mix between Macauley Culkin and Adrian Brody, fuck you.

He decided to try and crowd surf at a City and Colour concert so being crafty as fuck I grabbed his hat and threw it, why not? fuck that kid.  Turns out he’d been having issues with the guys behind us so he started yelling at them to give it back and stuff, ending in him trying to start a fight with one of them, and Dallas Green getting mad.  He stops mid-encore to say (what I can remember):
“Are you seriously fighting?”
“For one, this isn’t a Slayer concert.  And second, don’t fuckin’ fight. You can leave.”
*stares at kid who at this point might as well have been in tears*
“Don’t just stand there with your head down, leave.”
*crowd starts chanting “YOU FUCKED UP”*
“I’m not going to stop staring at you until you leave.”
At this point security came and carried the kid off.  It was probably one of the best things I’ve ever seen and as pussy of a move as it was just grabbing some asshole kids hat (from behind) and throwing it, he deserved it. Don’t get wasted and loud at a City and Colour concert you fucking child, your hipster hat is stupid and your sunglasses at 9pm in Southern Ontario makes you look like a blind mole-rat, fuck off.

Awesome night overall, buy his Album “Little Hell” in June.